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Family Owned & Operated Since 1941. Made in the USA.
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Whether your shim need is an emergency, a single order, or a consistent shipment,

we will provide you with a custom shim solution.

Since 1941, Artus has helped precisely position the machines and tools depended on by distributors, manufacturers, and engineers worldwide.

Industrial Equipment

Get exact positioning with our custom plastic and metal shims for bearing preloading, component spacing, axial positioning, and more. Quickly position motors with our motor mount slotted shims.

Aircraft & Aerospace

Shims are used everywhere in a plane from tail to nose. With extreme environments and high stakes, they need to be durable and dependable. Turn to Artus for your precision aerospace shim needs.

Pump and

Our gaskets are custom cut to meet the sealing demands of applications such as hydraulic power steering systems, air motors, water pumps, and gas valves, just to name a few.

Power Transmission

If shims are not precisely cut, drivetrain components will not function optimally. Our shim products have the lead times, cost, and precision you need to quickly align gearboxes.


Our shims and gaskets are helpful in exact leveling and positioning of heavy equipment and machinery, such as engine gaskets, excavator shims, and power take-off for trucks and tractors.

Agriculture Equipment

With extensive experience manufacturing shim products for agriculture equipment manufacturers like John Deere, we can help you. Artus brings short lead times, an economical process, and maximum precision.

Featured Products

Add products to the cart and request your quote. Our products come in a variety of materials including color-coded plastic, color-coded aluminum, brass, and steel.

Shim stock in 5 by 20

Shim Stocks

Single and assorted thickness and custom plastic shim stocks. Choose your sheet size.

Artus shim stock pack and shims

Shims / Gaskets

Remarkably durable, long-wearing, lightweight, and economical.

Artus motor mount shims

Motor Mount Shims

Non-compressible, burr-free, rust-proof, impervious to oil, and lightweight.

Slitter Tooling

For any application, in any size or shape. Custom slitter tooling to your specs.

The Color Tells the Thickness

Artus offers innovation through our use of color-coded material. Our aluminum and plastic shims and shim stock are color-coded by thickness to help you tell them apart without measuring, saving time for distributors, manufacturers, and small shops alike.

You will be amazed at how much you can save on labor after no longer measuring the thickness of your shim material every single time. Just scan for the color you need and keep your process flowing.

Innovative in our use of color and manufacturing process, Artus shims and gaskets remain a leader in consistent and reliable shim delivery. Trust our shim products for your repair, prototyping, and full-production needs. Learn more about what makes Artus shims different here.


After 80 years, we remain a family-owned and operated precision shim and gasket manufacturer for businesses around the world. We are the experts at cutting materials to any tolerance, size, or shape with exact precision. Just give us your blueprint and tolerance requirements and get your precision shims when you need them. Our proven process is simple and cost-effective:

You send your drawing to us with designated designs and thicknesses.

You receive a quote for your shim and gasket needs.

We produce the parts in the material, size, and thickness you need.

We deliver your shims, shim stock, or gaskets anywhere in the world.

Our well-developed cutting process and wide variety of materials allow us to satisfy the exacting demands of the shim and gasket industry while keeping costs low. We have established long-lasting relationships with our customers because of our proven reliability and innovation.

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Artus Shim Stock

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