Since 1941, The Artus Corporation has completed over one million projects for over twenty thousand customers. We are proud of the vast array of clients we have served. It comes with being a shim and gasket manufacturer; the applications are nearly endless. Our partners include both international corporations and independent mom-and-pop. With each new client, we work hard to develop a lasting relationship and deliver quality shim, shim stock, and gasket solutions.

Most of our shim manufacturing is for small companies and individuals. However, Fortune 500 companies also rely on Artus shim and gasket products. Let’s share some of our most notable clients from automotive to tech and from mining to agriculture.

Major Industrial Manufacturers We Have Served

Artus shims, shim stock, and gaskets help position equipment for manufacturers, distributors, and automotive repair shops, big and small. Our timely deliveries and durable materials establish us as an expert shim and gasket manufacturer for industrial equipment.

Here are the major industrial manufacturers we have served:

Timken Logo GrayscaleThe Timken Company

The Timken Company is a global manufacturer of bearings, gear drives, belts, chains, couplings, powertrains, and other related products. Artus and The Timken Company have been partnered for over 50 years. We supply Timken warehouses with shims for their various gearbox parts.

The Timken Company takes advantage of our color-coded shim and shim stock products. They require plastic and metal shims of different thicknesses on their production floor. Identifying shim thickness by color saves time on measuring each shim individually. Our exacting precision and color-coded products are just two reasons Timken has remained one of our most loyal clients.

Stanley Black and DeckerStanley Black and Decker

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. is a Fortune 500 American manufacturer specializing in industrial tools, household hardware, and security products. They use an array of machines and machining tools for their industrial manufacturing, where positioning and alignment are paramount. Artus has been supplying Stanley Black and Decker with shims, shim stock, and motor mount slotted shims for a number of years.

Volvo Logo GrayscaleVolvo Cars

Volvo Cars, a multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles, recently enlisted Artus’ help. They use custom Artus shims in a gearbox of a newer car model. Our shims help increase the lifespan of their gearboxes and reduce the strain on their motors.

Major Pump and Valve Applications We Have Served

Artus precision sealing gaskets have helped build our reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier for pumps and valves. Industries like waste management, agriculture, automotive, and oil and gas turn to Artus for their sealing needs.

Here is one of the major pump and valve companies we have served:

Parker Logo GrayscaleParker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 500 company specializing in motion control technologies, including aerospace, climate control, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatics, and sealing and shielding. We are proud to be partnered with Parker Hannifin for their sealing and positioning needs by supplying them with custom shims and gaskets.

Major Heavy Equipment Manufacturers We Have Served

Artus Precision plastic and metal shims and gaskets also have heavy equipment capabilities. Our applications include engine gaskets for better seals, excavator shims for wear resistance, and power takeoff shims on trucks and tractors for perfect alignment, to name a few.

Here are the major heavy equipment manufacturers we have served:

John Deere Logo GrayscaleJohn Deere

John Deere of Deere & Company is an American manufacturer of agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, lawn care equipment, diesel engines, and drivetrains. John Deere partners with Artus for a number of heavy equipment shim applications. For example, we have supplied John Deere with shims to precisely align the power takeoff on their combines.

Komatsu Logo GrayscaleKomatsu

Komatsu is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures construction, mining, forestry, and military equipment. They also manufacture diesel engines and industrial equipment like press machines, lasers, and thermoelectric generators. We provide long-wearing shims for their heavy equipment needs.

Joy Global

Before it was acquired in 2017 by Komatsu, we manufactured custom shims and shim stock for Joy Global, a company that manufactured and serviced heavy mining equipment. Komatsu has since renamed Joy Global to Komatsu Mining Corp.

Other Companies We Have Served

Do you only need assistance with one project instead of a long-term partnership? No worries, we appreciate that type of collaboration as well. Here are a few notable companies that we have collaborated with on projects in the past.

Most of these clients used Artus shims for their prototyping and testing. They trusted the reliability of our shim products even when presenting their prototypes.

Google Logo GrayscaleGoogle Research and Development Center

Artus has produced custom shims, shim stock, and gaskets for multiple prototypes at Google’s R&D centers. Most recently, Google used Artus shims with Google Project X, a self-driving electric vehicle initiative. We look forward to working with them when the time comes again.

Microsoft Logo GrayscaleMicrosoft

Artus has also manufactured shims to help Microsoft position and align their prototypes, calibration machines, and measuring machines. Microsoft relied on our shims for their thickness and durability.

Why Our Relationships Last

From our partnerships, it’s clear that we build lasting relationships. Our mission is to provide clients with reliable shims they can trust, time after time. To do so, we offer an expert level of precision and color-coded plastic and aluminum. The color tells the thickness, reducing labor costs and speeding up production. Our manufacturing process has also become incredibly consistent and cost-effective. People stick with Artus for our competitive pricing, timely deliveries, quality shim products, and innovative color-coding.

Let’s Work Together

Though we have helped numerous billion-dollar companies throughout the years, we mostly manufacture shims for smaller clients. We serve no specific market and welcome every new order with personalized customer service and first-class consistency. We are honored to be the trusted shim and gasket manufacturer for both startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Looking for custom shims or gaskets? We help with orders of any size, thickness, and shape.

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