Plastic and Metal Shim Stock


Support, level, and adjust equipment and machinery affordably and efficiently.
Find convenience with Artus shim stock. 
  • Easy to cut
  • Made in the USA with high-quality materials
  • Meets the most precise spacing requirements
 Artus shim stock is durable, rust-proof, non-hygroscopic, and impervious to oil. We keep lead times short and offer color-coded plastic and aluminum for efficiency.
Find more details or request a quote for a custom order below.

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Choose between Aluminum or Plastic Color-Coded Shim Stock and Steel and Brass Shim Stock

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Artus has been making shim stock since 1941. By now, We've optimized our process for cost-efficiency and reliability. We can provide you with custom solutions, and we deliver worldwide. if you need cone, cup, arbor, or other custom-cut shims, visit our shim product page.

Shim stock comes in flat-packed sheets. Our metal shim stock is safer to handle because it won’t dangerously uncurl as rolled stock does. You can cut it with a ruler, a diver, and scissors. 

Industry leaders worldwide depend on Artus for exceptional quality and short lead times.

Shim Stock Specs:

  • You can order color-coded shim stock (in plastic and aluminum) directly from our shop.
  • Brass, low carbon steel (cold rolled), and stainless steel materials are available by requesting a quote.
  • All materials are durable, rust-proof, non-hygroscopic, impervious to oil, and economical.
  • We also offer assorted plastic shim stock sets, aluminum shim stock sets, and custom shims.
  • You can find a complete list of specifications in our Shim Stock Brochure.

The Color Tells the Thickness:
Color-coded products are available in aluminum and plastic. Each color represents a specific thickness. Distinguishing between thicknesses is a quick and easy task. Shim thickness can vary as little as 0.00025”. Choosing the right size by color instead of measuring shim stock can save time and reduce errors.
For personalized customer service, call (201) 568-1000 and a representative will contact you. We are capable of precision-cutting materials to your exact specifications.

Material Capabilities

  • Plastic shim stock is light and pliable.
  • Aluminum works best under pressure and stands up to heat.
  • Stainless steel shim stock uses Stainless Steel 300 Series Alloy. This makes it non-corrosive and rust-proof.
  • Low-carbon steel uses cold-rolled 1010 Steel. This makes it extremely durable, ductile, and economical.
  • Brass uses 70/30 B36 Cartridge Brass. It is long-wearing, easy to use, and easy to cut.

For personalized customer service, call (201) 568-1000 or fill in the RFQ form here.

Regulatory standards that Artus Shim Stock complies with:


REACH Compliance
TSCA compliance
RoHS compliance

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