How do You Use Our Shims and Gaskets?

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One of the most exciting parts about working at Artus is seeing the vast variety of needs for shims and gaskets. Many other shim and gasket manufacturers specialize in a specific industry. Artus, on the other hand, opens its doors to everyone, conglomerates and hobbyists alike. Our services are not industry or order-size-specific. As a result, we get to meet a wide variety of people.

Because we aim to serve the whole shim and gasket community, we help industrial manufacturers looking for bulk orders and long-term partnerships. But we also meet the needs of DIYers looking for a sheet of shim stock. We work personally with each order and enjoy receiving feedback.


Most Orders are Small

Though Artus has great partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and supports many large-scale manufacturers, which you can read case studies about here, most of our orders are for medium-to-small businesses and auto shops. Often maintenance departments, labs at universities, mechanic shops, and startups order a few sheets of plastic or metal shim stock and cut out parts they need. The plastic and aluminum shim stock are easy to cut and long-lasting, making them one of the most cost-effective options on the market. We always enjoy hearing from customers about where they are putting our shim stock to use.


A Few Case Studies from Our Small Order Customers

Our aim is quality products in a fast, friendly manner. We offer technical assistance through phone and email and look forward to the feedback we receive. Small orders often lead to unique applications and interactions, like one customer who contacted us to test and measure our shim stock.

The customer needed aluminum shim stock for their product development. They had to be confident that the shim stock was uniform in thickness and would work with their products. The customer contacted us and asked us to ensure the packaging would remain 100% flat during delivery. Otherwise, the shim stock may crease and affect their measuring and calibration equipment.

Our packaging prevents creases, but we reinforced the packaging further, per their request. The customer returned happy with their purchase. They shared that they now use Artus shim stock when presenting his new products to potential customers. The customer trusted the precision and consistency of our shim material enough to depend on it when his reputation was on the line. Customer feedback is always rewarding. It is even more rewarding when we can hear how our shim and gasket products help our customers.

With another recent small order, Noah Katzenstein, Artus’ Operations Manager, recognized the address of an order as a nearby apartment building. He reached out to the customer out of curiosity. Who would be ordering shim stock to their apartment?

Noah talked with the customer and learned that he was a retired engineer tinkering in his home office. Of course, hobby engineers need shims and gaskets too. A large portion of our orders are from auto enthusiasts and hobbyists, and we aim to serve clients of all sizes with equal quality and service.


We Want to Hear from You

After over 80 years of manufacturing shims and gaskets, we have learned that sometimes less feedback is better in this industry. You wouldn’t contact your office’s paper supplier unless there was a problem. The bottom line is that you expect a consistent level of quality and precision from a shim manufacturer, and Artus delivers on that expectation.

The most feedback we receive is how easy it is to order through our online shop. All it takes is three clicks and your shims and gaskets are on their way to your door. With that said, if you need a quote on a bulk or custom order, or help finding the right product for your specifications, we encourage you to contact us. We respond to all feedback quickly with technical assistance.

Need help finding the right shim material for your application? We can help with product selection.

Need shims and gaskets ASAP? We can fill emergency orders.

Just call or email us.

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