About us

The Artus Philosophy

From our company’s beginning in 1941 to the present, we’ve understood our responsibilities as a custom shim manufacturer working to specifications down to thousandths of an inch. Businesses rely on Artus shims and gaskets for their prototyping and production needs. There is no room for error. As such, we value precision and solution-based customer service above all.

We strive to keep tolerances tight and provide reliable, precision-cut shims and gaskets for all our customers. Our team works diligently to make sure you get what you need promptly. We carry a variety of materials which allows us to meet the needs of a wide range of industries quickly without having to source new supplies.

We also strive to provide attentive and helpful service. We will work with you to give you the knowledge you need when selecting the correct shims. Have a design problem that you need help with? We have over 80 years of experience manufacturing shims under our belt. We can help you find a solution.

We recognize our strength is in our extensive industry experience and the relationships we build with our customers, employees, and community. It is our duty to deliver precision shims, gaskets, and shim stock on time and to spec. We also must pass on our knowledge to the next generation. We have remained family-owned and operated since 1941 and understand this well.

Founder Manfred Katzenstein on the phone

It is our duty to give back. In addition to supporting over 30 charities, each week individuals from SINAI schools with learning or developmental disabilities join us at the factory for vocational training to learn important life and job skills.

Our History

The Color Tells the Thickness

After completing over one million projects, Artus is still looking to improve our products and processes. We continue innovating in order to increase quality, reduce costs, and deliver on time.

A notable example of Artus’ innovation is in our uniquely color-coded plastic and aluminum shim stock. When a part on your assembly line needs the correct positioning, you and your employees can save time on measuring your shim stock one by one.

The color tells the thickness. You’ll be surprised how much time our color-coded shims save manufacturers and distributors. Together, we reduce errors and save by allowing you and your employees to quickly identify shims of different materials and thicknesses.

Our experience in shim and gasket applications powers our innovations, allowing us to provide the best service on time, again and again. Contact us for your shim solutions.

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Industries We Serve

Artus shims, shim stock, and gaskets are trusted by the best in every industry. We are one of the oldest USA custom shim manufacturers. From automotive to tech and aeronautics to the US Army, we have served over 20,000 customers. We take pride in the variety of applications our products find themselves. Gearbox shims and bearing preload shims are our bread and butter, but we correctly align and position anything.  

Industrial manufacturers rely on our precision shims, shim stock, and gaskets for a variety of industrial equipment applications such as production machinery, machining tools, powertrains, and gearboxes. 

Our precision gaskets and shims are the ideal sealing solution for pumps and valves in applications like irrigation, waste management, oil and gas, and mining.  

As recognized experts in precision metal and plastic shims, we also help optimize the performance of heavy construction and agricultural equipment by providing exact positioning and alignment. 

Industrial Equipment

Get exact positioning with our custom plastic and metal shims for bearing preloading, component spacing, axial positioning, and more. Quickly position motors with our motor mount slotted shims.

Aircraft & Aerospace

Shims are used everywhere in a plane from tail to nose. With extreme environments and high stakes, they need to be durable and dependable. Turn to Artus for your precision aerospace shim needs.

Pump and

Our sealing gaskets are custom cut to meet the demands of applications such as hydraulic power steering systems, air motors, water pumps, and gas valves, just to name a few.

Power Transmission

If shims are not precisely cut, drivetrain components will not function optimally. Our shim products have the lead times, cost, and precision you need to quickly align gearboxes.


Our shims and gaskets are helpful in exact leveling and positioning of heavy equipment and machinery, such as engine gaskets, excavator shims, and power take-off shims for trucks and tractors.


With extensive experience manufacturing shim products for agriculture equipment manufacturers like John Deere, we can help you. Artus brings short lead times, an economical process, and maximum precision.

Our Team

Edwin Levi President, Executive Director of Sales

Edwin Levi

President, Executive Director of Sales

Sam Levi Executive Director of Operations

Sam Levi

Executive Director of Operations

Pinchas Katzenstein Vice President, Controller

Pinchas Katzenstein

Vice President, Controller

Noah Katzenstein Operations Manager, Quality Control

Noah Katzenstein

Operations Manager, Quality Control