How Artus Made it to One Million

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As you know, shims and gaskets are not large or complex. They are almost never more than two millimeters in thickness and have no moving parts. But they are crucial to the performance and longevity of machinery. Shims fill in gaps where necessary. In many ways, our family-owned and operated company, The Artus Corp., is not too different from this. Artus plays a crucial role in an ever-growing list of industries. We fill a gap in the market as a shim and gasket manufacturer, supplying custom products for all machinery.

At Artus, we aim to keep our process simple, like our products. You give us your specifications and we will deliver you a reliable, timely shim solution. We haven’t changed our process much since our founding. It has worked well, and in this business, reliability is essential. Your reputation is on the line when using our shims and gaskets. It is, therefore, our utmost priority to deliver to you the exact shims you need.


To protect your reputation, we are dedicated to quality and committed to service.

We have optimized our process for precision, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Many of our customers trust our expertise, leading us to serve over one million orders so far. At this point, we are considered an expert in shim and gasket manufacturing because our customers recognize that we are committed to getting them what they need, every time.

We accept every shim challenge that comes our way, giving us the advantage of experience. We offer plastic, aluminum, brass, and steel shims, but we have also worked with specialized materials for our clients. For example, we have cut special metals for medical regulations and titanium on our laser machine. When a client sends us material, they put their trust and their equipment’s performance in our hands, and we do not take this lightly.

No matter the application, we are committed to delivering you precision shim solutions.


How Has Artus Changed Since Our First Order?

How has our process changed after one million orders and 80 years? The answer is not much. We have refined our process over the years for maximum precision and efficiency and to meet more demands. But our process has always remained centered on those principles, maximizing precision and efficiency. Every change since our first order was to increase these two things while continuing to serve the shim needs of all industries.

Three years before Artus was founded, Artur Schonwerk patented color-coded plastic shims in 1938. We derived our name from his. From the start, Artus stayed focused on our original products: color-coded and uncolored shims.

The color tells the thickness display

Manfred Katzenstein, Founding Partner of Artus Corp. at a Trade Show on April 15, 1958

Customers immediately recognized Artus for the convenience and reliability of our color-coded plastic shim products. In our early days, we were fortunate enough to work with large companies across many industries, such as Otis Elevator, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, United States Steel, John Deere, and others.

On our way to one million shim orders, we expanded our facility in 1972. Demand was increasing and we had to match it. Artus originally took orders of all sizes, large and small. However, we redirected our focus to primarily large quantity orders around this time.

Since then, however, we started serving smaller order sizes again. We launched our e-commerce site in order to serve small orders more easily without impeding our overall production. As mentioned, we constantly refine our process for maximum efficiency and precision while meeting the demands of all industries.

It is why we also continue to upgrade our shim-cutting equipment and machinery. We purchased our laser cutting machine in the early 2000s to offer precisely-cut shims in a wider variety of materials, improving our process for our customers. In 2022, we acquired our waterjet cutter in order to further upgrade our shim process.

The Artus Corp. has served over one million orders thanks to our loyal customers who recognize our dedication to customer satisfaction, precision, and efficiency. Together, we will push past the next milestone the same way.



Let Us Help You

We are not trying to boast, but with over 80 years and one million orders served, we provide the best precision manufactured shims and gaskets available. Most shim and gasket manufacturers build their process around exclusive machinery or clientele. Instead, we value all clients and aim to serve the whole shim and gasket community, increasing our knowledge and solutions. Artus has seen everything you could bring our way and knows how to cut it all to your desired size, shape, and thickness.

Have a shim or gasket need? We can meet your exact specifications.

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