Thinking Beyond the Shim: Artus has Powerful Machine Capabilities

Every industry that relies on machinery must ensure the optimal operation of their equipment. As a result, hundreds of businesses rely on Artus Corporation for small parts that are color-coded to increase efficiency and boost production. While industry needs and the name of the part can vary greatly, some examples include spacers, gaskets, washers, and of course, shims. The materials used to create these small parts are often made of durable aluminum and plastic.  

You may be accustomed to thinking about Artus Corporation solely as your shim and shim stock provider, but our capabilities are extensive.  “We can manufacture–to precision–any application within our material specs,” Operations Manager Noah Katzenstein said. 

Thanks to our industry-leading tooling capabilities and superior lead times, Artus Corporation can get you the part you need.  

Advanced machinery to efficiently produce parts

We are your experienced die stamping company. After more than 80 years in business, we have perfected the process of die stamping. We have a wide range of dies and can also create ones for your custom application. In many industries, stamping is a good option because it offers high precision at low cost. Once in production, stamping can produce products at a fast rate, resulting in a quick turnaround time. 

Technological advances have allowed us to provide additional services and options. If you want to cut a custom order with great precision, we have a laser cutting machine. Additionally, we added a water jet machine in 2022 to further expand our capabilities. Although both machines can easily cut many materials, we specialize in cutting thin plastic and aluminum to exact specifications–down to thousandths of an inch. “If you’re dealing with thin materials and precise dimensions, there’s a very good chance we could cut it,” Katzenstein said. 

High quality, color-coded materials 

When you work with Artus, you can take advantage of our premium aluminum and plastic shim stock. Our materials are color-coded for easy identification of the stock’s thickness. We have options that range from .0005” to .030”. Our economical shim stock is durable, rust-proof, impervious to oil, and does not absorb water. 

Some businesses that are using steel or brass shims may find that aluminum might be a better choice. “In a lot of applications, cost-effective aluminum can be used,” Katzenstein said. “Then you’d have the color-coded advantage.” 

If your application does require a heavier material, we offer brass, stainless steel, and low carbon as options. To explore these possibilities, request a quote 

Over 80 years of experience put to work for you 

We have worked with businesses in many industries, including manufacturing, health care, automotive, industrial, agricultural, aerospace, and more. 

Our experts will ask questions to learn more about your particular application and environment and can recommend the best solution for your needs. Trust our experience to deliver quality parts with maximum cost effectiveness. Connect with us today to get started on your solution.