The Artus Corporation offers a full line of quality Slitter Tooling and Supplies to slit a wide range of materials in any application.

Our slitter products include:

  • Slitter shims
  • Slitter knives
  • Overarm tooling
  • Synthetic rubber stripper rings
  • Non-stick tapes

We use the finest materials to ensure reliable tooling and supplies for your slitting machines. Our products are custom designed and manufactured to your exact tolerances and specifications.

Artus has remained committed to our customers since 1941. Our process is optimized for cost-effectiveness, an expert levels of consistency, and reliability. We can provide you with custom slitting solutions, and we deliver worldwide.

We can assist you with spec development, cost estimates, and delivery schedules for no additional charge. Get fast service and delivery, with orders shipped sooner in emergencies.

Other Product Brochures:

Color-Coded Plastic Slitter Shims

Artus is recognized by industry leaders across the world as an expert shim manufacturer. Customers rely on Artus for our unique 18 color-coded thicknesses that assure quick and accurate shim selection. We manufacture the highest quality slitter shims custom-made for your machinery.

Artus manufactures slitter shims with tough, long-wearing plastic that is tear-resistant, non-compressible, non-hygroscopic, and impervious to oil.

Best of all, they are easy to cut and slide between metal spacers, saving you the time spent removing spacers from the arbor! Get the durability and reliability you need to stay operational.

Plastic slitter shims are color-coded by thickness for quick and easy identification. Artus Slitter Shims are available in any required shape and in 18 thicknesses from 0.0005” to 0.060”.

Slitter Knives and Spacers

Artus Slitter Knives and Spacers are custom-made to your specifications from the finest quality steel alloy. Our slitter knives and spacers can fit any make or model of machine. They are precision manufactured to your exact tolerances for razor-sharp edges and perfect positioning. The materials have high wear resistance and toughness.

Get accuracy, repeatability, and long-lasting wearability at competitive prices with Artus Steel Slitter Knives and Spacers.

Overarm Tooling

Artus Corp. can provide precision-manufactured 3S overarm separator spacers and steel separator discs that ensure outstanding performance, quality, and durability for metal cutting and trimming applications.

3S Overarm Separator Spacers

Made to withstand the toughest wear over time, Artus Corp. designed our 3S overarm separator spacers to prevent metal strips from scratching and marring during take-up. Spacer design is particularly important when working with thin materials.

3S overarm separator spacers are available in linen or canvas grade phenolic, and nylon with color options. Artus can also make spacers less than 0.125” thick from our durable, economical plastic shim stock material. As with all our products, you’ll enjoy their low cost and ease of use!

Steel Separator Discs

Artus Corporation’s steel separator discs are custom manufactured precisely to your specifications, including taper (double/single) and thickness. Made from the finest steel to a maximum hardness of 58/60 Rockwell “C”, steel separator discs from Artus guarantee you long-lasting, dependable performance at competitive prices.


Synthetic Rubber Stripper Rings and Spacers

Artus Corp.’s guide spacers and stripper rings are manufactured for stability and precision from synthetic rubber, generally Buna-N. The quality material prevents metal strips from scratching or marring during cutting or trimming applications. They are available in a wide range of durometers and color options.

Slip them easily and permanently over the metal spacers during set-up. Artus’s rubber stripper rings require no additional set-up time, making it easy to maintain your production.

Keep your costs down. Artus’s synthetic rubber spacers and stripper rings do not require expensive molds. They can be made in thicknesses from 0.125′′ thick and up, allowing for permanent installation on all your spacers. Remove the old stripper rings easily without grinding or solvents when you require new ones.

Yellow Polypropylene Tape

Polypropylene Tape

Are you tabbing the ends of slit coils prior to push-off? Artus non-filament polypropylene tape for slitter tooling applications provides superior adhesion. You can also use polypropylene tape around the perimeter of slitter knives to prevent marking of the strip. Artus’s polypropylene tape offers the unique benefit of leaving behind no residue or stains when removed from slit metal or slitter knives.

Incredibly strong and reliably residue-free, polypropylene tape is perfect for slitter tooling, packaging, or any everyday applications. The rolls are 60 yards. The minimum order is one case.

They come in four widths, and have two adhesive options:



Tensile Strength

Adhesive Power


3/8” (192 Rolls/cs)

(96 Rolls/cs)

(72 Rolls/cs)

(36 rolls/cs)





I 375

I 750

I 1000

I 2000






Y 750

Y 1000

Y 2000